Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm happy to say: "The world is filled with talented, bright, creative women"!!! My dear friends Kika and Becky who are sisters just started their own line of women's clothes called BECCA AMARO, and it's looking great!!! Beautiful, simple and easy to wear pieces. With so many flashy and extravagant trends out there a woman can sometimes get confused but when you're lucky enough to find uncomplicated things, your life instantly turns a little easier. 

Being the MAXI DRESS addict that I am, of course I had to buy yet another one from Kika's and Becky's unique collection. It's colorful, fun, comfortable and I feel pretty darn sexy and free in it, two important combinations for me. 

Right now the power sisters are producing in small scales, actually one of a kind pieces and they only do private sales BUT if you like what you see why not contact the dynamic duo and let them know you can't continue living without one of their seductive dresses (and that's not the only thing they have).

Here's my lovely maxi dress I know I'm gonna wear every other day and then the next again hahaha.

Don't you love it?

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