Sunday, August 28, 2011


I used to have this mirror on top of my secretaire. A couple of days ago, I came home to find my mirror on the floor. It had fallen down!!! Thank god the frame is very thick and strong and nothing happened to it. However I found myself forced to relocate the mirror, and since I still don't know where exactly to put it, I decided to just leave it on top of my chair while I think of a better place. This morning I woke up and first thing I saw was this image. I thought to myself: this would make a wonderful picture. Needless to say I took a picture.

Now, Im off to the gym!!!

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Olga said...

OMG, i love this mirror :)

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank you Olga! It is beautiful! The also had it in black but I thought white was much more clean and beautiful.

See you around!