Thursday, August 25, 2011


Good morning earthlings!!! Today it seems like it's going to be hot and wet, YES!!! lots of hot weather and rain, isn't that nice. This is exactly why the other day I decided to buy myself a cute little sundress at MNG. It's fresh and it's feminine and veeeeery comfortable. Probably you're thinking: BUT IT'S RAINY SEASON!!! yes but that doesn't mean I can't wear short day dresses, I just need to put on a pair of boots I can get wet and off we go. This is the type of dress that when the winter comes (in Guatemala this translates to relatively cold weather) I'll be wearing it with brown tights, leather boots a hat and a chunky grandpa cardigan. 

In this pictures I'm not wearing boots because yesterday we had to film some images for DE LOS 20 A LOS 50, the women's talk show I'm part of, but when It was time to leave the house I decided to wear my brown leather boots and brown hat (Oh and of course my umbrella). Thank God I did because it got really wet outside and I would've completely ruined my shoes. 

Have a glorious day everyone!!!

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