Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Every year in the month of September the city of New York turns out to be the best dressed city in the world. Everyone around is well dressed, not just fashion involved people but all the other commoners too. Looking at other people's own personal styles is one of the most inspirational things for me. Not that I want to copy but you can always borrow an idea or two from other very stylish people, there's nothing wrong with that.

Here's some of the cool people at NY Fashion Week.

A cool denim shirt always makes everything better. 

I told you everyone living in NY for FW go around looking like fashionistas, even teachers. 

Nothing like a couple of cool cats.

Fashion is all about being yourself.

I have to say this shade of blue is absolutely insane!!! I freakin love it!!! The other day I bought a dress this color at MNG and it makes my eyes and my hair pop out like no other color does. 

Pay close attention to this dress because peplum dresses are a trend for spring-summer 2012. I'll talk more about that soon.

I love her style, she looks so relaxed but still chic. That little purple purse makes all the difference.

I once read an article that said: "Real working women don't wear high heels."
Here's proof of it. I think she looks wonderful. Very colorful and natural.

Of course I love this girl!!! She's a red head, plus those boots are insane!!! I WANT!!!

I chose Amanda because I think she looks fresh and chic. Like she didn't put that much thinking to her outfit when she woke up that morning (but we all know she probably did, or maybe she didn't, who knows).

Well this is my list of cool people from fashion week. You might've noticed there's one thing all this images have in common (ok, maybe more than just one) COLOR!!! In a way or another there's COLOR, no neutral from head to toe outfits!!! You see, everyone can wear color and so can you. 


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