Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hahaha I told you guys a couple of days ago how I finally picked up my laundry at the cleaners after like 2 months. Well... apparently half my closet was at the cleaners!!! Isn't it fantastic to discover that in reality you have more clothes than you imagined? I hate to go to the cleaners but I love to find out I  owned another cute dress I completely forgot I had!!! It almost feels like going shopping (hahaha ok, ok, maybe not!!!). 

Anyhow... Inside my clean laundry pile I found out a Max Azria dress I was clueless about. When I saw it I immediately thought about adding it to my uniform selection.  Now I think I'm only  missing one more dress to complete my uniform list (one for each day of the week), I probably have another one inside my laundry pile. We'll soon find out. 

I know this is not a LBD but it is a LWD (little white dress) which basically serves the same purpose. Soooo there you go. 

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Axel Zapata/ Ilustración said...

I like this, the eyeglass makes it fun :)