Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yesterday I finally went to pick up my laundry after like two months. I haaaaate running errands, I only do them because I have to but otherwise I would never do them. If I could ask for one luxury in life it would be a private assistant (and a chef, and a private trainer, ok maybe more than that). Here in Guatemala being the conservative society we are, us girls we're taught from a very early age that as women we're supposed to enjoy doing all this sorts of things or else!!! Or else what??? No one's ever gonna want to marry us??? We do it because we have to PERIOD!!! 

Anyhow, enough female anger hahahaha today is a wonderful day, the sky is blue, the weather is nice (a little bit cold for my taste) aaaaaand inside my laundry I found yet another LBD I bought in the Lower East Side in NYC. I have to admit I don't remember where exactly but I was excited to find out that I had it because now I can add it to my uniform list.  This one is specially cute, it's got a lovely victorian detail at the neck and it's super short hahaha. I hope you like it. The other good news is that today I'M GOINT TO GO GET MY HAIR DONE!!! Hahaha!!! Finally!!! It's in desperate need for help!!!

Have a lovely day everyone!!!

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