Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I was browsing thru my closet in search of another LBD, fortunately I found this little black jersey dress I bought at Kora Kemperman a couple of years ago while I was vacationing in Amsterdam. It's very useful because I can mix it up with all sorts of things and it's extremely comfortable. The jacket, well... it's Rick Owens, the master of all leather jackets, its as soft as a cardigan FANTASTIC!!! I bought this jacket 10 YEARS AGO in Milan while I was living there. Back then Rick Owens wasn't that famous, he was a young and upcoming designer, now he's everywhere!!! ME WANT A BLACK ONE NOW!!! So I can look bad ass. 

I guess I found another outfit to add to my uniform selection.

BOOTS: Massimo Dutti
DRESS: Kora Kemperman
JACKET: Rick Owens
HAIR: never mind 

Have you noticed I'm wearing NEW BOOTS!!! YES!!! I bought them yesterday at Massimo Dutti. Don't go thinking that because I have some new leather boots I'm throwing away my 100 year old cowboy boots, NEVER!!! 

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