Monday, October 3, 2011


Oh my goodness!!! I swear to you never in my life I thought I was gonna work this much hahaha but I like it. It's exhausting but rewarding. 

Today I started yet another job (thank God for work). I was offered a production job at Canal Antigua where I have my TV show "Amo Mi Estilo". My partner in crime María Reneé and I are gonna start producing the morning show "Matutino Express", so for my first day I decided to wear a power dress (I call it like that).  A power dress is a dress that makes you feel absolutely fantastic (never mind my hair, today it seemed to have a life of it's own). I bought this one at Zara last week and I love it!!! it's got a very classic 60's silhouette which seems to be very in right now, at least at Zara everything there right now is rectangular shaped, not very flattering for my triangular figure but this one seems to work (or at least I think it does). Should I make it my producing uniform? I've always loved the idea of a uniform but can't quite pull it off. I could wear this dress a whole entire week and I wouldn't mind, it would actually make my life a lot easier without loosing style. 

Anyhow... I hope you like it. Have you found yourself a power dress or suit?

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