Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm not kidding when I say I'M RUNNING OUT OF OUTFIT IDEAS!!! not because I have no creativity but because I'm running out of clothes. This year has been a year to grow professionally but it has also been a tough year, therefore I haven't gone shopping that much. At this point I'm starting to do some serious wardrobe recycling hahaha. Plus I'm on three different TV shows and I only have sponsorship for ONE. I bought this dress at MNG last year, it's from their spring 2010 collection and today I thought why not wear it again. I'm seriously considering making my black dress my uniform (at least my boots are already part of my uniform, specially now that it's still raining in Guatemala). 

EARRINGS: Anthropologie.
BOOTS: Steve Madden.

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2befab said...

hi darling,
your blog is fantastic...and you are so beautiful...
pass from my blog..i have nwe post..


MissGuatemala11 said...

With all your creativity im pretty sure you can make that one black dress one million outfits or more... Loving the cowgirl style (maddengirl)