Monday, November 14, 2011


Hahahaha Oh my goodness people, I swear to you mother nature is on drugs!!! Yesterday it was cold here in Guatemala, not reaaaally cold but cold enough, I even wore a fur vest to keep me warm. Today we all look and feel like turkey's in the oven. I'm sweating from every corner in my body!!! It's disgusting but at the same time funny because I had to go film a new segment for our morning show and we came out all sweaty and messy because it was also windy so needless to say there was hair flying all over the place hahaha let's see how that comes out. 

This is how I looked this morning before I went venturing around our beautiful historic center where all the street vendors are. I have to say something about my gorgeous dress, it's a BECCA AMARO original. My best friend Kika Garcés and her sister Rebeca just recently started their own line of clothes called BECCA AMARO, I've already mentioned it to you several times before. Today I even got stopped by some girls who wanted to know where I got my dress, so Kika CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're on your way to being rich and famous hahahaha!!!! I'm not kidding. 

If yo want to see more of BECCA AMARO you can visit their facebook fan page and become a fan!!! Lot's of new and interesting things coming soon!!!

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