Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ever since you where a little girl (age 2 is when it all starts) you dreamed of the perfect fairytale wedding with prince charming, just like the one in the Cinderella story, he even had the same military suit. You dreamed of a night filled with white roses, champagne flutes and red velvet cake with white chocolate cream filling, all surrounded by the people you love the most (about 600 more or less). Needless to say years passed by (you reached the age of 30) and suddenly it hit you (I'm an old maid), you finally began to realize that your dream wedding was simply a childhood fantasy. You gave up your dream and decided to give all the losers in your life (Jack, Ted, James, Chris, Josh, Thomas, Carl, Bill...) a chance, until one day you met Bob. Bob proposed and suddenly you began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Every Royal wedding deserves a dress fit for a princess and so do you. All excited, you flipped thru dozens of wedding magazines in search of "The Dress" but nothing you saw fitted your childhood fantasy. One day your faithful friend Jenny came rushing to your house with the best news you've ever had in your life, Rosa Clará had just opened a new store in town. Of course you didn't even think about it twice and headed yourself ASAP to the store. When you got there, there it was, your dream dress!!! Rosa Clará saved the day!!! You got to have everything you always fantasized about and then your realized...dreams do come true. 

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