Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The answer to your question would be...NO hahaha not everyone can wear a horizontal stripped pencil skirt. I most definitely can't because I have a pretty round behind, I'm at least 2 sizes bigger on my lower half than my upper half. So no, if you're really curvy or petite chances are you are not going to look fabulous with this skirt. However... this blog is for everyone, cylinder (top model looking) figures do exist and one must think of them too.  One day I saw my friend Catherine (she's a TV presenter) wearing a skirt just like this one and she looked fantastic. Of course Catherine is 5"9 and has a cylinder figure with a small round booty. So yesterday, while I was searching the internet for inspiration I found this skirt that I love even though I know I'll never be able to wear it, and decided to make a post about it. So enjoy! 

Since summer is just around the corner I thought one amazing way to wear a skirt like this would be by mixing it up with bright colorful tops in soft fabrics like jersey or silk or even with a vintage cotton t-shirt like the one's you find at J.Crew.  With all the wonderful colors out there right now you can create endless looks for your stripped pencil skirt just by adding the right accessories. Here's proof.

My personal favorite. 

Don't you just love that clutch? It screams SUMMER!!!

A little matchy matchy but some women love that.

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