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Wearing color jeans is quite the trend right now and this seasons hues are so delicious it makes you feel like you're walking into an Italian gelateria or a candy store. My two favorite brands for colorful jeans this season are J. Brand and Rag & Bone. Now that I was in Miami I went to Intermix and bought myself a pair of bright sea green zipper skinny capri's, they're wonderful!!! The color and fit are absolutely amazing!!! I promise next week I'll show you some looks. On the other hand J. Brand has the most incredible colors, of course this season's most popular one's are coral, lemon meringue, neon-lilac, bubble gum, neon-apple, fluorescent orange, pistachio, to name a few. I think you get the idea. 

I must admit I'm obsessed with color jeans and if I had more money I would buy them all, but since I don't I have to choose and in this case if I was to buy myself one pair I would get myself the mid-rise magenta zipper capri jeans by Rag & Bone. 

With this in mind I came up with 5 ways to wear your pink magenta jeans. I hope you feel inspired to try new and colorful combinations.

Don't you love all this wonderful colors? My second favorite color? Sea green. That would be the second one on the left next to the magenta.


Dressing monochromatic is an excellent way to use color. The best part is that it helps you elongate your silhouette, it makes you look slimmer and it helps to balance your proportions. However I don't like wearing monochromatic all the way from head to toe, sometimes it works, like when you're wearing nude or grays but in this case I think that adding another color or a neutral piece makes the outfit much more interesting. Here I'm giving you two wonderful options, you can either wear a schoolboy blazer and ballerina flat for a more preppy look or a light denim jacket and leather wedges for an everyday or weekend relaxed look. It all depends on your personal style and lifestyle. 


Color blocking can look wonderful but it can also be a difficult task to accomplish successfully if you don't have enough knowledge of color. One way to create color blocking is my putting together two complimentary color, in this case magenta and green. If you are an amateur color blocker then try to keep the rest of your accessories neutral and related to each other. If you are an experienced color blocker then you can add more color with confidence. Keep in mind not to overload your outfit with color. A general rule is that you shouldn't mix more than three colors in one single outfit. Orange and magenta are analogous colors. Mixing analogous colors is another way of creating color harmony in an outfit.


What can I say? I love chambray!!! Why? because you can mix it with absolutely everything. We've seen chambray with black jeans, chambray with sequined skirts, chambray with white jeans, read jeans and this time with magenta. Add a splash of color with a pair of embellished sandals and keep the rest of the accessories as neutral as possible and simple. If you're a hat person by all means wear one, it's summer.


You can mix your magenta jeans with other neutrals. I prefer gray because it's not as contrasting as white or even black and white, not everyone looks great with black and white. Also you can easily add color thru accessories. My favorite way to do it is by adding a colorful handbag. This pistachio green one is perfect. If it gets a little chilly you can throw on a chunky cardigan et voilá.


Prints are not for everyone, mainly because not everyone has the personality or courage to do it. My friend Gaby who's living in Miami now showed me a printed blazer she just bought at Zara that looks like a Monet painting. Not everyone could pull it off but Gaby is pretty fashion savvy and she has the personality to do it. Choose a print that is color harmonious with your jeans. You can keep the rest of the outfit a little darker and neutral or you can add a bit of more color if you'd like to. Just remember that any other color that you add must relate to your outfit, specially the printed top otherwise you'll end up looking like a circus clown. 

Well, that's all folks! Got any other ideas? Which one of this five options would you wear and which one you wouldn't? Let me know, I'm interested, just because I like them doesn't mean everyone else has to.

Until next!!!

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