Tuesday, April 3, 2012


How unbelievable that I found two peach dresses from Stella & Jamie at Atelier. I told you that place never stops to surprise me. Ladies from Guatemala, now you really don't have any excuses. Before we used to complain how we didn't have anything cool in Guatemala, now we do, so I don't want to hear you complain anymore ok! If you're not looking stylish is because you don't want to. 

This first Stella & Jamie dress is obviously cool for two amazing reasons. One is that is peach, the hottest color of the season, and two, it's accordion pleated!!! Which is a super hot trend right now!!! The second Stella & Jamie dress I found I will show it to you later, It's sexy, sexy, sexy, you're gonna love it so stay tuuuuuuuned. 

What do you think? Do I look good in peach?

C.C El Portón, Local 6
Diagonal 6, 13-63 Zona10
Tel. (502) 2367-4412
Guatemala, Guatemala 01010

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