Monday, April 2, 2012


Every time I go to Atelier I'm more and more impressed with the place. Every time I go there's something new and wonderful to discover, not like those places you go week after week and nothing. For example, today I saw the most gorgeous collection of jewelry called LAVISH by Tricia Milaneze. First time I see this line at Atelier and couldn't believe my eyes at how beautiful the bracelets where. All pieces are made of hand-crocheted gold thread and glass beadings, carefully designed by Tricia, and manufactured in Brazil under very careful oversight.  This pieces are nothing but eye catching and chic, two things us girls love about anything we wear.

Take a look!!!

This is my personal favorite. Imagine myself in Rio de Janeiro (when haven't I) wearing this amazing cuff with a long summer black dress or overalls (both of which you can find at Atelier) high heels and clutch ready for a night on the town.

Another favorite, it's even more wonderful in person.

Are you still there? What are you waiting for? Head yourself ASAP to Atelier before the run out of them, which is very likely they will. 

C.C. El Portón, Local 6
Diagonal 6, 13-63 Zona 10
Tel. (502) 2367-4412
Guatemala, Guatemala 01010

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