Friday, April 20, 2012


It's a well know fact that the LBD is a woman's secret weapon for any occasion, we should all own at least one (ok, let's be honest, more than one). The LBD is so useful and versatile that last year I even considered acquiring a uniform look conformed of all little black dresses. I was leading such a hectic life that I thought the easiest thing to do was wear a black dress every day. I kinda pulled it off for like two or three weeks but then found the need to add some color to my life again.

Lately I've been thinking that a girl not only needs one LBD in her closet, something I find pretty useful too is the LBJ (little black jumper), seriously, who doesn't like jumpers? I personally love them, I think they're so chic, versatile and most important comfortable. A girl needs to feel comfortable in order to feel like herself, whenever a girl is not feeling comfortable is because she's not being true to her style. Women who stay true to their own personal style feel comfortable at all times. 

Take a look at three very chic and sophisticated proposals for LBD and LBJ ATELIER has for us girls here in Guatemala.  Always remember that if you like what you see you should not wait long to go get it because they go like french fries at a Mc Donald's drive thru. 

Guess which one's my favorite? 

C.C El Portón, Local 6
Diagonal 6, 13-63 Zona10
Tel. (502) 2367-4412
Guatemala, Guatemala 01010

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