Friday, April 20, 2012


For almost a year now I've been meaning to start a series called "The Fabulous People" but I always kept postponing it due to lack of time, but since now I'm dedicating most of my time and energy to Style by Red I was finally able to do it. 

When I thought of whom to interview for my very first fabulous people series my dear friend Debora Fadul immediately came to mind. Whenever I introduce Debora to other people I always like to tell the story of how I met her. I met Deby (that's how we call her) at one of Saúl E. Méndezs' farmers markets. She had the coolest stand filled with wild flowers, vintage articles and of course her well known delicious sauces. I instantly fell in love with Deby's stand and of course of Deby herself, I knew from that moment that she was something special, and I wasn't wrong. 

Despite her young age and youthful appearance Deby is by far Guatemala's most talented and creative chef. She takes her job with the outmost respect and puts all her heart and soul in every dish she serves, which explains why she decided to call her company Chef de Mon Coeur 

I asked Deby to come to my house for an afternoon tea, something that in reality resulted in bubbly,  Toblerone chocolate, mediterranean food and lots of fun. This time it was my turn to serve Deby. I also asked Deby to bring with her some of her favorite pieces inside her closet to share with you guys. Since I took way too many pictures I decided to divide my interview with Deby in two. In this post are some images of little details that surrounded our very pleasant afternoon, and in the next one I will be sharing with you the actual interview and some more fun images of Deby and her favorite things. So make sure not to miss my next post. 

Prosciutto, mozzarella, basil and tabuleh, mmmm delicious!!!

Toblerone chocolate for dessert, our favorite!!!

My grandmothers antiche china


Table is served

Deby's tribal inspired accessories

Deby ready to savor my delicacies. Well not really mine since I din't do anything lol! 

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Diana S.T. said...

creo que me ha dado hambre y ganas de algo burbujeante tambien... Sigue escribiendo...!