Sunday, April 15, 2012


My best friend Kika Garces who's the greatest graphic designer, just recently designed a new logo for me and she's re-designing my website too, but since the website is still not ready because both of us have had to much work to do, I wanted to at least give you a preview of my new logo that I loooove.

Thank you babe! It's the greatest logo ever!

Just so you know, Kika is not only a graphic designer, she's also a painter, she has a clothing line called Becca Amaro that she started with her sister Becky, and she's an interior decorator. Just this week she started her own blog called FABDECODICTION. Here's the link to her new blog:

If you like my logo and would like to contact Kika you can e-mail her to She really is the best, you wont regret it. She's also the author of my new Style by Red logo, isn't it beautiful?

Anyhow, here's my new logo, hope you like it.

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