Thursday, May 31, 2012


I can imagine what a tough job it must be for Cristina Santos being surrounded by so many beautiful things. I'm sure she wishes she could keep everything but then there would be no business. Just a few years ago us Guatemalan ladies had nowhere to go shopping for gorgeous jewels like the one's we can now find at C'Santos, who's been in the market for two years now, thank God. This week I went there in search for material for this week's C'Santos post and found they have new amazing statement earrings, take a look at how wonderful they are and let me know which ones are your favorite, I'm having quite a hard time choosing. Which one's do you think look best on me? 

Seriously, I'm not kidding, if you really like something you see don't take too long to visit C'Santos because those things fly as fast as lollipops at a candy store. 

13 Calle "A" 7-19, Plaza Tiffany, Local #4, Zona 10
Tel. 2366-1243

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