Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I taught a workshop on professional dressing for a real estate company here in Guatemala. I was very excited when I finished because they asked me if I could continue teaching them other topics more women oriented like color analysis, silhouette and hair and makeup so this deserves a celebration, good thing tonight I'm going out to dinner with my friend Debora because I feel like having a very dirty martini. 

Anyhow... while I was trying yo document my LBD for you look who joined the's my dog taco. Taco is so fat he is literally the fattest chihuahua in the world, he looks more like a penguin than a dog, you might not believe me cause he looks small in the picture but I'll prove it to you one of this days.

So anyways, my dress might've been a bit too short to go teach a workshop but what can I do if I have such long legs, besides I think I still look professional without looking like a total bore and it was too hot to wear pantyhose or tights, who cares, they liked it. 

Oh my God my hair really does look orange now, everyday that goes by is a different shade of red that is not red anymore it's orange!!!

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