Saturday, June 9, 2012


Remember I told you about my new Zara flats? Well... Yesterday I was ready to wear them with my LBD, little Chanel bag and Massimo Dutti hat (which by the way I'm glad I didn't wear it because...what was I thinking I could've melted my head with that thing on lol!) when I noticed that that my left foot felt a little bit tighter and so I thought: wait a minute! This shoe is smaller than the other! I looked and in fact it was! Now I have to back and see if they can give me a left shoe on the right size, if not, I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do, I guess I'll just use them as part of my room decor lol! 

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Anonymous said...

wow where did u get the bag? limited edition

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Hi! This Chanel bag was a gift from my parents for my birthday many many years ago perhaps even more than 10 years ago.