Sunday, June 17, 2012


In december 2010 I wrote this piece for my father's one year anniversary of his passing away. I didn't have a blog back then so I was only able to share it on Facebook. Today is father's day and even though I know some of you already read this I want to share it again and honor my dad.  

My father was most definitely a creature from some other planet called Walter Land,  I’ve never met a man quite like him, not just because he was my father, but because it’s the truth and everyone who knew him can say the same thing. He was no regular human being, he was unique, educated, independent, healthy, a hard worker, intelligent, intuitive, sincere, always spoke with the truth, sensitive, caring, giving and very patient, he would wait on us whenever my mother and I decided to go shopping for what seemed like endless hours. He never hesitated, never complained, he would just sit outside the store and read some sort of manual belonging to his latest technological acquisition. He was, simply put a very kind man with a very strong moral code and a mind of his own.  He always gave but the best and abundantly.

Today exactly one year ago I lost my father most unexpectedly.  We could’ve never even imagine we where going to loose him so abruptly and soon. One can never get over the death of a father, I think of him every single day and wish that I had gotten the chance to say good bye to him in a very different manner.  Whenever I think of him I get this severe chest pain and I don’t know how to make it go away. I never really quite understood why my mother was so upset and so sad when my grandfather passed away, I was very sad too but I thought that it was expected because he was already very old. The truth is, no matter how old you father is 40, 70 or even 100 it’s always painful because for you it’s always dad.

The day that my father passed away a new life began for my mother and I.  I have two brothers but they have families of their own, they’re married with lovely wives and beautiful children, it was my mother and I who where left alone without the company, love, and support of my father. We left the house we had lived in all of our lives and moved into a much smaller apartment, which I was kind of glad because I had wanted to move for a very long time but it was specially hard for my mother because no matter how old or how awful the area where we lived had become it was the one place where she had spent 32 years of her life with my father, and letting go was the hardest most painful thing ever for her.

However today I don’t want to make this a tragic story, what I really want to do is pay tribute to the best man I’ve ever known, a true gentleman.  Many wonderful things have happened this year and we would’ve wished to have him here with us to live those moments but we’re also joyful because we know he’s in a much better place right now, a place of peace and joy where he can run freely and feel strong, young and youthful again.

I want to give infinite thanks to my holly father in the heavens for giving me the privilege, the unique gift of my dad. I had the honor of having the best father in the world and enjoying his company and love for 31 years of my life.

I also want to thank my dad for loving me so much, for sacrificing everything he had for me and for having spoiled me sooooo much because thanks to that I am the woman that I am today.

My dad and mom when they where just starting their relationship. They didn't date for long because they got married a merely 10 months after!!! 

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