Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today I really didn't want to leave my house but was forced to do so because I had to go Mango to pick up 4 outfits for tomorrow's show. Every month we film 4 episodes of De Los 20 a Los 50 and Mango always lends us our outfits. Since I was already at the mall I thought to myself why not take a look around Zara. After trying on like 6 different dresses I came to the conclusion that NOTHING FITS ME AT ZARA!!! Seriously!!! Every time I go there and try something on nothing ever fits me, I think I have 2 dresses from Zara and that's it, it's really a miracle if I ever find something there. I left Zara and headed myself to Massimo Dutti where I almost always find something that fits me. I ended up buying an ivory maxi dress in a delicious fabric and a navy blue blazer to go with the dress. The outfit looks wonderful on me, the only downside is that it cost me 5 time more!!! I'm screwed!!! 

Here's my Sunday shopping outfit. Since I was going to be doing some serious walking around the mall I needed to feel comfortable, plus it's Sunday and Sunday calls for comfort. Black jeans and denim tops go together like bread and butter, add to it a bright color and you have yourself a fun outfit. You can add color thru accessories like a bright colorful bag, shoes, a scarf, a necklace, or you can try adding a bright neon cardigan like I did with my outfit. It's all about creativity, that's the fun part of dressing up. 

CARDIGAN: J.Crew Italian cashmere
JEANS: Mango Electra black skinny jeans
TOP: Joie sleeveless denim top
SHOES: Converse purple sneakers

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