Monday, July 2, 2012


Good morning everyone! Isn't it exciting a new week has just begun? Yes! Can't you tell? I'm a Monday lover! How annoying right? Lol! 

On this week's C'Santos post I'm gonna talk about...(drum roll)...evening watches!!! Specifically Michael Kors beautiful "and" affordable stainless steel embellished watches always available at C'Santos

Las week I was reading an article on WHO, WHAT , WEAR bout evening watches featuring on of the infamous Olsen Twins (which one? I don't remember), and thought to myself: what a good topic to talk about for C'Santos since they have all kinds of wonderful evening watches to choose from. 

Usually when we go out at night we tend to take off our watch because perhaps the one we wear during the day is a little bit to sporty to fancy with our sexy and elegant evening outfit. Now you don't need to stress about it anymore, with the new Michael Kors collection of stainless steel embellished watched you can look and feel expensive without really having to suffer for it. Leave the neon fashion watches for your during the day adventures and instead go for a stainless steel embellished oversized watch for the soireé. Good news is you can still wear it during the day if you don't feel like changing watches all the time, who says you can't show off some bling bling during the daylight? Choose one that suits your own personality and that flatters your skin tone. I for example favor more classic simple designs with a manly influence over more girlie embellished ones. Both are beautiful and satisfy different needs and tastes. 

Good luck choosing your own evening watch!!!

STYLING TIP: Wear your oversized stainless steel watch with a bunch of stackable bracelets for a more modern take.  

Which one, which one, which one...mmmm...what a though choice!!!
Which one you like best?

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Anonymous said...

oh dear-
Michael Kors pinkish gold clock all the way!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

I agree, it is a very nice watch. I think rose gold is a bit underrated if you ask me. I find rose gold to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you're absolutely right, is more a rose gold.. don't know... i'm more attracted to this particular clock instead of the traditional/vintage gold watch. what do you think?

any jewelry store where you think i can find a similar watch (the rose/gold one) here in Guate? i'm not seekin' for designer labels tho


Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

I'd say you should definitely pay C'Santos a visit, they haver other really beautiful styles and they are affordable.