Friday, July 13, 2012


Denim cutoffs seem to be the hot thing right now that the heat is starting to rise. If you're forced to follow a strict dress code during the week denim shorts are the perfect way to liberate yourself and have fun during the summer weekends. But... how short is too short? What's the right fit? How's the best way to style them. Easy, here are three simple tips to follow according to InStyle Magazine which I read all the time because I consider it a style bible:

1. Daisy Dukes are over. So kiss provocative good-bye. The spirit of this cute style is completely casual and playful, but exposure isn't the point. The idea is to free your legs, not bare your bottom.

2. Summertime, and the fit is easy. Size up to avoid tightness around the legs, and let the waistband sit on your hips. The hem should hit where your thigh starts to taper. Anything longer feels dowdy.

3. What's new? Go beyond blue, try neon, floral, ticking or ikat prints. Top with a shaped jacket over a tucked-in white shirt with espadrilles, sandals, sneakers or even low boots.

I prepared two outfit ideas for you, hope you find them inspiring.

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