Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Can't you tell tropical chic is my favorite look of all? What's not to like about it? In faaaact, what's not to like about everything tropical! Tropical weather, tropical food, tropical beverages, tropical music, tropical colors, tropical people, everything! I love it! I'm always funner in tropical places (and on Saturday's, random fact).

Anyhow... Today's look is a combination of colorful fun pieces with more classic and understated ones, which proves amazingly well how versatile a blazer and a pair of jeans can be, they truly are two of the most important pieces any woman should own. 

A while ago I found a little jewelry box filled with vintage watches that used to belong to my dad. I thought to myself...If someone out there invented the stackable bracelets trend why not come up with my own stackable vintage watches trend? Needless to say I did (ok, I'm sure someone else has already done it). I had to do something with all those watches. Of course there isn't a  day I don't bump into someone who feels compelled to ask why the hell I'm wearing 4 watches that don't work lol! This reminds me of the time my cousin got married and I decided to wear a very eye catching head piece with black feathers sticking out, everyone kept on asking me how many black crows I had killed to make my headpiece. Did I care? NO! I looked stunning! Always go with your instinct but if you're not so sure about it and need some encouragement, contact me! I can help you become your most stylish self. 

I give you Little Miss Red Pitaya! 

What the hell is pitaya? For those of you who have never heard of it pitaya is an exotic fruit very common of our region, another tropical wonder. 

PHOTOGRAPHY- Shanila Menendez  shanilaphoto@gmail.com
HAIR & MAKEUP- Fernanda Gomar  mus_hus12@yahoo.com
STYLING- María Cristina Acquaroni  info@mcacquaroni.com

BLAZER- Massimo Dutti
JEANS- Mango
SCARF- Mango
NECKLACES- Anthropologie
WATCHES- Vintage


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