Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I know that more often than not the idea of wearing just jeans a white t-shirt and converse shoes seems like the best idea in the world and the most comfortable thing to do, specially if you're in a hurry (like most women are). For me more than a white t-shirt it's a chambray shirt, jeans, and converse (or boots, or flats). However, after a while of wearing this and only this in it's many variations I start to feel like I've lost touch with my feminine side. Lately I've been experimenting a lot with my girlieness and I have to say I've been having quite a lot of fun. Being girlie is fun, I didn't want to admit it but it is. So if you feel like you need to get in touch with your girlie side again here are a few easy tips:

1. Wear more dresses and skirts (flatter your body type and enhance your favorite parts). 
2. Wear more vibrant color (find the ones that are the most harmonious with your own coloring). 
3. Experiment with prints.
4. Wear more accessories (do not overload).
5. Go for natural beautiful hair and makeup. 

Easy no? If you feel a little bit overwhelmed that's ok, good news is I can help. If you think you need a personal stylist to help you achieve your girlieness, you can always hire me.

Here's a super girlie outfit that I put together yesterday. Hope you feel inspired! 

Necklace vintage

Earrings Anthropologie

Shoes J.Crew

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