Sunday, March 27, 2011


Can you look more glamorous in a field? 

Let me introduce you to Angela, better known as Angy. Angy is a lively creative girl from Barcelona who's visiting Guatemala. Ever since she came she's had the desire to see some cows and maybe even have the chance to milk one, which is kind of hard because even though Guatemala is full of cows we don't actually know anyone who has one, go figure. 

Finally on Saturday Angy's dream actually came true, except the milking part of course. We had the opportunity to attend a fashion event called "Campo de Luz" (which I will tell you more about later) that took place in Tecpan, a beautiful place full of green pastures 82km away from the city. YES!!! it was amazing, wait till you see some pictures. Anyhow, we where parking our car and just when we turned to look around, there they where, the big fat cows, so needless to say we approached them and of course took endless pictures with them. One of them had just recently given birth so you can imagine the look of amazement in Angy's face. The whole thing was fantastic!!! She made the whole scenery appear absolutely glamorous. 

Here are some images of Angela and her cow experience.

I didn't mention this but Angy is wearing the most fantastic electric orange lipstick!!! Too bad you can't really appreciate it in the image. Also, she's wearing her mother's very stylish vintage Porsche Designs Sunglasses.

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Barbara said...

Maria, I love your posts...our blogs need to combine. My readers (over many several unique thousand visitors a day) need to hear about you! Lets make a the blogging community here in Guate grow! It needs to....its the only way...You have the talent me, I know!

Our lunch date this week...can't wait to share my ideas with you! Actually, I'm positive it will work! So lets keep in touch!

You have the talent, so don't EVER give up, love!
LOVED seeing you this weekend! You looked WONDERFUL!

Much love,


Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank you so much Bárbara! I'm also looking forward to our lunch date and listen to all your wondeful ideas. You're absolutely right, we need to make the blogging community here in Guate grow and we'll do it!

It was lovely seeing you too! and I still have a very lovely and colorful picture of you that I'll be posting soon!

Much love to you too,

Andy said...

These pics are awesome with such an amazing and glamorous model!
I sure that Angela enjoyed as a baby with a sweet with the cow thingy...

Best wishes girls!

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

The camera loves Angy!!! and the cows also jajaja.

RevolucionInterior said...

maria cristina!! deberiamos de combinar los tres blogs!!!!! son para la misma gente!!!!!!!! style and beauty!!! demosle! como lo hacemos?