Saturday, March 26, 2011


Last year when I started my style & wardrobe consulting business I had my picture taken by the very talented Guatemalan photographer Mamu Tezanos . My inspiration for the photo shoot was "Old Hollywood Glamour". I wanted everything to be elegant and of course glamorous. I did my own hair, make up and styling and the setting was in this beautiful French bistro restaurant in Guatemala called Clio's.  I was very much satisfied with the end result. I ended up using all the images for my website and for any other visual material used to promote my services.

This year however I'm in search of a new concept for a new photo shoot. I personally believe that every one should have their picture taken at least once a year. In my case, I'm in search of a concept that can reflect more clearly my unique personality which is very fun, colorful, creative, eclectic and at times spontaneous and free spirited. I've changed a lot since my last photo shoot, I think I choose that concept mainly because I wanted people to see that I was a professional and I wanted to be taken seriously, now I just really want to show people my unique personality and stay true to myself. I'm not always that proper, I can be at times because of course I'm a professional and I know how to behave accordingly to the occasion but most of the times I'm just more lively and free spirited, I don't even have that same hair color, now I'm a red head, I have bangs and I love it, I think I'm going to stick with red hair and bangs for a while now, in a way it makes me feel like I can create a signature look of my own (I also wear red lipstick very often no matter the time of day).

Soooo my point is I need to find a new concept for this year photo shoot, any ideas? I'd love to hear some of them, two heads always think better than one.

Here are some of my favorite images from last year, hope you like them.

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