Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ok, so it's been Day 1 of our wonderful vacation and until now we've enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. My mother and I are early birds so even though we woke up around 7:00am we just wandered around the house all morning and ended up leaving the around noon. 

The only reason we left our home today was because we needed to go buy some groceries and some freshly baked wholegrain bread for me and potato bread for my mother, I'm always the one aiming for the healthiest choices, I try to do my best (not easy but doable). 

When we where about to leave I had the wonderful idea of bringing our dogs with us in the car. I actually wanted to walk but my mother said there was no way in this world she was gonna walk all the way from the grocery store with all the heavy bags and the dogs, so we drove. Needless to say, it was like some sort of Greek tragedy every time she stepped off the car, MJ and Taco wouldn't stop crying!!! They have some SERIOUS obsession with my mother, it's crazy. When we where finished, we went back home, cooked some delicious lunch and just decided to do absolutely nothing, FANTASTIC!!! Tomorrow will be another day, tomorrow is walking day with MJ and Taco, we'll see how THAT goes.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to having a vegetarian hamburger from LA ESQUINA for lunch or a lamb hamburger from a really delicious place called SABE RICO which translates into TASTES GOOD, I can't quite decide yet. Oh what the hell, I'll just have both, one tomorrow and one the next day. Wish us luck!!! 

Here are images of our very lazy Wednesday.

Our patio.

Meet Taco.

Taco taking a sunbath, he loves it!!!

Me, Taco and Mary Jane.

I took Taco for a walk around our house.


PANTS: Mango
BAG: Vintage camera bag
SCARF: Local marke in Guatemala


SUNGLASSES: Vintage, I bought them at the flea market in Milano,
 the brand is really funny they're called AEROBIC LIFE
T-SHIRT: Forever XXI

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White said...

I love the way you are dresed, and the dog is so cute:)

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Thank's glad you liked it!!! More fun pictures with Taco and MJ coming soon!!! Today is walking day with them so we'll see how that goes.

Take care.