Friday, April 22, 2011


Our Antigua Day 2 was characterized by a lot of walking. This time we decided to take Mary Jane and Taco with us and let me tell you those two where a couple of champs, they walked with us for 4 hours non stop and never complained about it, we might've had a 20 minutes rest but that's it. Taco is always leading the way while MJ is a bit more hesitant about the whole thing, my mother has spoiled her waaaaay too much. 

Since I knew it was going to be a long day I decided to wear my MNG printed maxi dress, I wanted to feel fresh, relaxed and at the same time stylish. Of course I'm not showing you my shoes!!! WHY you might ask yourself? Well... They look like I just recently found them in a dumpster (or they almost look like that, just give them a few days). The streets in Antigua are terrible, they're stone streets!!! I thought to myself: Why bring my nice sandals when I know they're gonna get all ruined!!! Instead I brought ones that I know after this trip I can throw them away without feeling any guilt or regret, I mean I wished they would've lasted longer because I loved them, they are indian style, but they didn't. I guess I just used them way too much, which is they way it's supposed to be when you really like something. 

Anyhow, here are some images of my Day 2 in Antigua, they're not all about fashion but I do hope you like them. 


I told you Taco is the biggest (and the chubbiest) chihuahua you've ever seen.

Can't you tell it's mango season in Guatemala right now?

Mary Jane loves playing with balls, she loves to chase them around the house, so needless to say when we saw this little girl playing ball in the park MJ started barking and wouldn't stop!!! She wanted to play with them but of course we couldn't let her because she doesn't know how to behave in public open spaces. 

This tiny italian treasure serves the best and the strongest sangrias you've ever had!!! Believe me, I've already been a victim. 

I want chairs like this for my apartment!!! Aren't they awesome!!!

This place is another of Antigua's hidden treasures, it's called LA ESQUINA where they serve the very famous vegetarian hamburgers which I still haven't been able to have because they weren't serving them yesterday!!! I have to admit that I decide to take the picture above because A. I love the decor and B. It color coordinates with my dress hahaha.

Candied popcorn!!! Typical of Guatemala. 

This is the entrance to the restaurant where hopefully we're having dinner tonight, It's called COMO COMO. The food is Franco-Belgium and the decor is absolutely unique and beautiful, if we go today I'll try to take some pictures to share with you later on. This is what I looove about Antigua the most, it's filled with hidden treasures for you to discover. 

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