Saturday, April 23, 2011


Oh my goodness everyone!!! If day 2 was characterized by endless walking, day 3 was characterized by endless eating!!! My mother and my aunt are both Spanish and I'm half Italian-half Spanish so of course we have good appetites!!!

When we left our house yesterday around noon we walked all the way to Casa Santo Domingo, one of Antigua's most prestigious and biggest hotels There we had some drinks and some bruschettini, of course my mother doesn't drink so she had a lemonade, my aunt Victoria had a gin and tonic and I had a dirty martini.  We wondered around the hotel like a bunch of tourists for a while and when we finally left it looked like it was going to rain so we decided to head ourselves directly to Epicure. Epicure is one of my favorite restaurants and deli in Antigua, they serve and sell the freshest organic food and produce in Guatemala, If you order fish odds are it was caught that same day!!! It's without a doubt an incredible culinary experience, the food is nothing out of the ordinary but it tastes amazing.

3 hours later and 3 very full very happy stomachs we decide it was time to move, so we did. We kept on walking for a while and then it really started to rain!!! we speed walked to Panza Verde (another super nice boutique hotel in Antigua near our house) and decided to have a capuccino while the rain passed. 

We finally got home, a bit tired and with a very full stomach still but extremely happy after such an enjoyable day. Let's see what tomorrow has in store for us!!! Hopefully more good times and more good food. 

Lazy Taco.

Vigilant Taco.

I think my mother's photography skills are getting a little better. I guess I just need to have a little more patience.


MAXI DRESS: From a local store here in Guatemala
OWL NECKLACE: Anthropologie
SANDALS: Massimo Dutti (after this vacation I'm gonna have to throw them out)

My moms lunch.

My aunts lunch.

Ladies and lunch FRIED FISH!!! Fried, fried, fried hahahaha (don't be alarmed, I didn't eat the french fries, it was way too much to handle). 

Look at that fish!!! Crispy and flaky and soft and tender, simply FANTASTIC!!! Fried fish is one of my faaaaaavorite dishes but only if cooked well and it can't smell like American fried food, otherwise I won't eat it.  Also don't even get me started with the delicious dried fruit and nuts bread they served us DELICIOUS!!!

If you are in Antigua and don't really know where to eat, I highly recommend EPICURE.

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