Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday while having my daily dose of fashion news I found an article on about this Fall's 2012 Campaigns, from Versace to Prada to Emporio Armani, some I loved and some I hated but the one that really left me in awe was Louis Vuitton. I had already seen a video on Garance Doré's series Pardon my French and thought it was an absolute display of pure genius, however it was their campaign photography by Steven Meisel that truly captivated me. Without a doubt a work of art.

Even though I'm not a big LV fanatic I do have to admit that Marc Jacobs vision for this seasons show was pure magic, transporting us to the beginning of the 20th Century back to the golden age of railroading (like Nicole Phelps for describes it), the young Coco Mademoiselle era. 

With all the futuristic collections presented for this Fall 2012, Louis Vuitton's time traveling was a breath of fresh air, simply put something beautiful to look at, even if you're not going to wear their clothes (or oversized hats) you have to be able to recognize when something has been impeccably executed. Two thumbs up for Louis Vuitton's Fall 2012 Campaign (and runway show).

For a complete look at Louis Vuitton's Fall 2012 Collection click here.

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