Friday, April 1, 2011


Good morning everyone, today I had to wake up specially early because every Friday I have my TV segment called "Style Sessions". Meanwhile I wait for my turn to go on air, I decided to put my free time at good use.

Let me tell you a little short story called "Lipstick Madness". A long time ago there was a beautiful princess in a far far far away land called Guateland. Since she was so fair and regal she thought she had no need for lipstick and never wore any. Everywhere she went she wore her lips naked until one day for her very special birthday she received a Chanel Rouge lipstick as a gift from a friend. She thought to herself "What the heck I might as well just try some for just one time", she loved it so much that from that day on she was hooked on lipstick. She wore her red lipstick everywhere no matter the occasion or even time of day. Day and night she would wear her Chanel Rouge lipstick. As time went by she started to experiment new looks with new colors of lipstick. One day she found yet another amazing color, it was MAC CREMSHEEN LICKABLE. Now you seldom ever see her walking around wearing no lipstick, she either wears Chanel Rouge or Mac Cremsheen. Who knows which color will be the next lipstick du jour?

MAC Cremsheen Lickable Lipstick

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