Friday, April 15, 2011


Standing in my room with my crazy and sweet dog Mary Jane. I was finishing getting ready for my personal shopping appointment. Notice that I'm wearing one of my dads vintage camera bags.


SHOES: Massimo Mutti
SHIRT: Massimo Dutti
VEST: Zara
BAG: Vintage camera bag
BELT: Kenzo

F.Y.I Today I had a lot of work in the afternoon and tomorrow is going to be a very busy Friday. I have the network in the morning, then a meeting, then pay taxes, then lunch, then wardrobe review, then fabulous birthday party at night.  Soooo this means PART II of LA MARINIERE will probably be coming your way on Saturday.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!!!

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1 comment:

Sebastian Graap Nelson said...

Mary Jane is your dogs name? sabia q te gustaban los perros...Have a nice weekend...