Monday, April 11, 2011


The maxi dress is THE dress for this spring-summer season WHY? Well because long is the new short, plus its beautiful, plus it's feminine, plus it's sexy and plus it's COMFORTABLE!!! I love maxi dresses and I own a couple of them from BGBC, GUESS by Marciano and others BUT my faaaavorite one is my MNG maxi dress I bought last summer, I don't care it's last season, I love it and wear it aaaaall the time WHY? Well... because the fabulous Guatemalan weather allows me to (YES!!! we ARE that lucky). 

Today I decided to wear my MNG maxi dress and had a blast taking some self portraits hahahah I'm getting good at this!!! Or not, you're the judges I only know it's lots of fun. 

FYI: Notice I'm wearing my fabulous ALESSA DESIGNS signature necklace and earrings.

DOMINO my favorite book about decorating. 

The box where I have my feet on is my grandmothers vintage travel hat box. She used it when she came to America in 1947. My grandparents and my father traveled from South Africa to England and then left England to NYC thru South Hampton on QUEEN MARY. After a couple of months they finally arrived in Guatemala. 

See you all soon!!! Have a lovely evening!!!

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Paola said...

How much fun you have in your room dear Maria... Will you grace us with your presence this SS @ The Chateu?

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

PAO!!! hahahaha I would loooove to. I'm going to La Antigua with my mother but I could definitely drive down one day and have some Garcesian fun with you guys!!!


Hello Lady in red! I know youve heard me the other day when I said: "I love your dress", I think we are about the same hight and I love the lenght of the dress, the fabric and of course how it fits you perfectly!