Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday I attended the wedding of one of my dearest friends from high school, Elvira (sounds sexy right?). Since it was an afternoon garden wedding in Jardín Santa Isabel in Antigua and the weather in Guatemala has been fairly warm, I thought it would be a good idea if I wore my short, fuchsia (it's actually more plum than fuchsia, I think), empire waist, chiffon dress I bought at Anthropologie a couple of years ago (ok, maybe more than a couple of years ago but I don't care, I love it!!!). The color of the dress is absolutely fantastic and makes great contrast with my red hair, blue eyes and warm skin. Everything just pops out!!! 

When the time came to choose which shoes to wear (Oh noooooo!!! WHAT A DILEMMA hahahaha) I couldn't quite make up my mind between my jeweled and very sparkly Miu Miu high heels or my satin chunky Marni platforms. They both looked amazing with my dress because both had a touch of fuchsia or plum in them but of course I had to make a choice and a fast one since I was already running several hours late. In the end I decided that wearing the Miu Miu's would be the best idea because:

a. They are gorgeous and quite frankly I don't need to wear anything else with them, I could walk around naked wearing ONLY the shoes (too bad that can't be done of course or else). 

b. I haven't worn those shoes in quite a while and this would be a great opportunity to flaunt them around hahaha. 

c. They are more comfortable than the Marni platforms (who am I kidding? they're both uncomfortable, all gorgeous shoes are).

d. All of the above.

Ok, so the shoe dilemma was already taken care of. Accessories was a much easier choice. I decided to wear my favorite owl necklace also from Anthropologie (you can totally tell I'm a fan) and a simple golden purse to make my outfit pop out even more. Earrings? no earrings I never wear any, or better said, I seldom ever wear them. So there you go.

Hair and makeup was also easy, I'm good at that (I think). I hate doing my hair and make up at the salon, I always end up fighting with someone, so now I always do it myself. I just decided to let my hair down and go a bit more dramatic with my makeup: Bed Head's Drama Queen eye shadow and my Cremsheen Lickable MAC lipstick. What does this mean? it translates into very shimmery aqua eyeshadow and almost shocking pink lipstick, fantastic!!!

Ok, so I'm ready to go, I get into my car, drive for what seemed like an eternity (traffic of course) and when I get there I notice that I'm wearing the same color of dress as the BRIDESMAIDS!!! hahahaha hilarious!!! of course I couldn't care less I hope my friend or bridesmaids didn't either. Whatever I thought it was funny. 

Anyhow, would you have chosen the Miu Miu's or the Marni's? or another shade of eyeshadow perhaps hahaha?

Et Voilá!!! 
This is me on a not so successful mission of taking a self portrait. Also I wore my hair down.


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