Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Good morning everyone (not so morning for some anymore)!!!

I'm extremely happy because today I had the privilege to wake up in our weekend home in Antigua (Guatemala that is, not the Island hahahah I wish!!!). We're staying here until Sunday and I'm overly excited about all the amazing things I'm going to take pictures of, you are going to love them. 

For the very first time in our lives, my mom and I decided to bring with us our two little chihuahuas, Taco and Mary Jane (maybe Taco is not that little, he is actually the biggest chihuahua you've ever seen in this world and the next one too, believe me!!!). Let me tell you those two are happy dogs, they are running around all over the place!!! I do have to admit that they weren't that good in the car, they're so spoiled that the cried almost all the way here but they looked funny in the back seat, they're just not used to car rides that's what hahaha every time they get in the car they cry because they think we're taking them to the vet, poor Taco and MJ I guess they really suffered yesterday. Right now they're following my mother all around the house, if she goes into the bathroom they wait vigilant outside hahaha FUNNY!!!

Anyhow...Yesterday I decided to wear my Adriano Golschmiedt (I hope I spelled it correctly) flamingo pink jeans (bootleg) and Massimo Dutti short sleeve sort of mint color shirt. I thought the color combination was pretty great for a summer day, however when I thought abut what to wear with it to cover myself or to make it a bit more interesting I was a little bit dubious. 

Which combination do you like best?





Please help me, I need your input. 

I know that a white jacket would be a perfect combination but I don't have one right now and I have to admit that I'm not buying one anytime soon because I've been spending my money way too much lately and I need to save for a trip I want to make to Europe in September, soooooo I need to make the best of what I have, this is when creativity works at it's best.

Have a lovely day everyone!!!

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