Thursday, May 26, 2011


My dear friend Irene who know is also my client, came to me because she wanted me to help her style her wardrobe. We've been meaning to get together since november last year but for some reason we just kept postponing it. Finally on Saturday I had the privilege to go to her house, help her get rid of all the clutter, and do some outfit creating. We also did some shopping for key pieces that where missing in her closet, like say... a nice navy blue blazer, a pair of dark denim jeans she could wear both day and night, a feminine day dress she could wear for special occasions, a pair of dressy pants with a more modern cut, and of course the substitute of the sweatpants, in Irene's case, the substitute for her Boston t-shirt and loose jeans. We came up with some stylish options and Irene was very much satisfied with the end results. However we still have a pending shopping trip (of course!!!), there's still some key pieces we didn't have the chance to get this time like for example shoes, a couple of more accessories and colorful tops (and maybe another day dress that is slightly more casual than the one we bought right now).  

One thing we didn't have time to work with right now is Irene's hair and make up, so I'm looking forward to helping her with that and finally showing you guys the end result. 

Meanwhile here are some advances on Irene's wardrobe. 


Irene had the biggest collection of jeans from decades past. Most of her jeans had quite a baggy fit on her so I told Irene that we needed to go find her a new pair of jeans that could showcase her nice legs and behind a little bit more. 

Look what we found!!!

I'm sorry I chopped off Irene's head, I'm used to photographing only the outfit because most of my clients don't like me to photograph their faces, so I kind of forgot that Irene had given me full authorization to photograph her body and face. This outfit is actually one of my favorites, I think we're using it for the before and after photo shoot coming soon to you.

Getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter!!! More space in her closet for new stuff!!!

Dressy pants with button down shirts to go to work. I thought that Navy blue was much better than the too strong black.

Boot cut dark denim jeans. Look how nice she looks with her mariniére style cardigan and long pendant that helps to elongate her figure. Her legs also look longer.

Another casual chic look with her dark denim jeans. This time we tried to bring some color to the face with this wonderful scarf we bought at MNG.

The substitute of the BOSTON t-shirt and too loose flared jeans. 

Et voilá!!! Now we only need to find Irene a nice pair of earrings and some bracelets to wear with her new sexy day dress. It could also be a nice statement necklace and bracelets (oh, and a clutch bag of course!!!) but I'm dubious about it because the necklace could break the elongated shape we already achieved with this nice v-neck cut. 

So this is just a peek of what we did with Irene, stay tuned for Irene's before and after images!!!

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Pamela said...

I have to do that with my's SCARY just to think about it! I have a big collection of old jeans which I don't even use anymore...i just don't know which ones to keep! or just throw them all? lol...any tips!?

Maria Cristina Acquaroni said...

Pamela! This is very easy:

1. Take a look at all your jeans, anything from the 90's has to go!!!
2. Then take another look, if you haven't worn it in 2 years (I'd say even a year) it has to go!!!
3. If it doesn't fit IT HAS TO GO!!! I know you're probably dreaming about getting into those jeans one of this days but the truth is who knows!!! OUT.
4. If it's baggy IT HAS TO GO unless they are those pair of jeans you like to wear around the house to feel comfortable or play with the dog. Odds are they make your behind look flat.
5. If the cut and wash are outdated IT HAS TO GO AS WELL.


Good luck!!!

Pamela said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I will do it, now i have a much more clearer idea of what I have to do! I will let you know about the result!