Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Good morning everyone, hope you're all doing great this morning!!!

Today I want to talk about OH NOOOO!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??? 

I'm sure this has happened to you more than a million times, it sure did happen to me yesterday. I don't know why us women have constant problems with our wardrobes, even though they seem to be stuffed with 101 pairs of skinny jeans, vintage handbags that belonged to our great grandmothers,  oversized neon t-shirts from our glory days back in the 80's (or Madonna corsets from the 90's), infinite pairs of platform shoes,  white boyfriend blazers we bought three or four seasons ago and never got the nerve to wear, Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts from our many travelings to Mexico (just so you know I don't have any of those), feathered boas (I might have a couple of them), statement necklaces, statement earrings, statement rings, all things statement... All this and we're still confronted with the OH NOOO!!! I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! 

What does it seem to be the problem?
  • You have the bad habit of buying stuff you never wear.
  • You have the bad habit of never buying anything other than basics (you loooove The Gap).
  • You're full of bad habits.
  • You never throw anything away because your so cheap or so lazy and as a result you end up having a closet that resembles the aftermath of a tornado catastrophe. 
  • You're not very talented when it comes to outfit creating, and why should you, you have a PHD in bio-chemistry from MIT. 
It doesn't matter what your problem is, once again SUPER MARIA CRISTINA CAN COME TO THE RESCUE!!! (super hero background music). Why trouble yourself anymore, just send me an e-mail and I'll come and save you from your own wardrobe apocalypse.  

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