Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Helloooo ladies and good morning, we're half way to Friday so cheer up!!!

This morning as I was navigating for some topic inspiration for my Friday TV segment, "Style Sessions", I noticed an article called "Bright Summer Makeup You Can Really Wear". I was surprised to find out that without even knowing I've been following InStyle's summer makeup advice, except perhaps for the coral lipstick but other than that...HAVE IT!!! DONE IT!!! I think I'm gonna have to head myself to MAC today for a coral lipstick and give it a try. 

Here are 5 easy ideas you can try to brighten up your makeup this summer, all courtesy of, what would us ladies do without them?

1. Wear hot pink lipstick. 

Adjust the shade you choose based on your skin tone. In this case opposites attract, if you have a warm skin complexion, opt for a cooler pink, if you're cool, a warmer, redder pink will work best.

2. Wear glowy pink blush.

Pick a warm shade with a hint of shimmer (cool tones look more artificial and the shimmer helps draw attention to the cheeks). 

3. Wear true coral lipstick.

The true bellow-the-sea shade is vibrant red with a hot orange finish, and it's everywhere this season. 

4. Wear shades of blue eyeshadow.

The key is to wear one at a time, not various shades of blue at once (please try to remember this).  Try to keep the rest of the makeup very neutral, and don't go past the crease, otherwise, it can look very cheese.

5. Wear amethyst eye shadow.

According to Heidi Klum's makeup artist Linda Hay, purple eye shadow is actually a neutral shade, but adds more sparkle than standard browns. Plus it looks great on blonds and brunettes alike. The key is to choose three or four purples and layer them on the lid from light to dark. Keep the rest of your face color free (no wild lipstick).

So there you go ladies, now you have no excuse to look like you're heading to a funeral this summer. Just remember not to try them all together, do either or, unless you want to look like a member of the Ringling Brothers Circus, keep it simple. 


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