Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok everyone!!! Here's part II of yesterday's very colorful Saúl É. Méndez Farmers Market. Remember it's only once a month so next time be sure not to miss it you're guaranteed to find lots of delicious and interesting things, I know I have!!! Yesterday I bought myself carrots, onions and beets (I looove beets), a delicious sauce (cebollín y loroco) from Chef Mon Coeur which by the way had the cutest stand and dining table all decorated by the chef herself Deby Fadul. I also bought the most amazing pita bread and finally my Engashada shoes, which I'll be sharing some pictures later on. 

Hope to see you all next time.

Entertainment for the little ones. Cupcake decorating!!! How fun!!!

This is the lovely dining table I was telling you about. I had the privilege to talk to Deby Fadul herself and she was telling me all about her creative artistic catering service, plus she does the decorating too, I personally loved it and can't wait to have an excuse to hire her services.

More lovely decorating by Chef Mon Coeur.

Just tell me this isn't the cutest.

I think Deby gave the farmers market a vintage touch with her wonderfully decorated food stand.

More entertainment for the kids.

Fresh vegetables!!!

Look at this wonderful beets!!! In fact, today I'm having beet salad yummi.

That's it folks!!! Until next!!!

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