Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last week I went to my friend Alex's house to pick up some magazines she was donating to me for my style & wardrobe workshops. She was packing up because the next day she was leaving for Atlanta. I asked her if she could do me a favor and bring me a cute style or fashion book from Anthropologie  http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/index.jsp which I loooove and of course being the sweetheart she is she said yes.

While I was browsing Anthropologie's website in search of a book that caught my attention (ok, I found about 20 books that caught my attention) I found the cutest magazine called ANTHOLOGY http://www.anthologymag.com/. It's a new magazine (they're on their 3rd issue now) filled with colorful and quirky images and festive articles, just my style. I asked Alex to pleeeeease search for the magazine and bring it to me.  Guess what? SHE DID!!! I'm so excited!!! It's a simple, clean, fun, and beautiful magazine for people who don't want to conform and instead want to live a life with SUBSTANCE AND STYLE this is actually the magazines motto. I think I'm definitely subscribing. 

Check out the following link to have the chance to look at ANTHOLOGY MAGAZINE trailers. 

Here are some images of the magazine's blog. Don't tell me they're not wonderful!!!

I have two of those books!!! Domino and Flea Market Style.

Are you as inspired as I am?

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