Friday, September 16, 2011


Very few experiences will give you that feeling of wellness and tranquility like the one you get when you enter a high end luxury goods store. Everything around you transports you to a world of fantasy and beauty that makes you feel simply amazing. The smell, a combination of fresh leather, wood and jazmin. The music, at times smooth at times seductive. No matter how horrible your day was, experiences like this make everything in the world seem better even if only for a mere moment. True luxury Is all about the experience, more than the item itself. This is exactly what world famous Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera want you to feel whenever you enter one of her CH by Carolina Herrera boutiques. As soon as those glass doors open you immediately enter the world of Carolina Herself, everything she is is in a way represented in everything you see, smell, hear and touch. To feel it you must live it. 

On wednesday I was cordially invited to attend the grand opening of the first CH by Carolina Herrera store in Guatemala, located in Plaza Fontabella. I was greeted with Moët & Chandon Champagne and sweet chocolates, what more can a girl ask for. My experience was of course sublime. I was having a hectic day but in a matter of micro seconds the people at CH made me feel like nothing in the world mattered more than what I was living at that precise moment. Of course I don't need to say how incredible all her handbags, shoes and accessories are, you already know how fabulous they are. What I want you to do is get yourself ASAP to CH by Carolina Herrera and try to have the same experience I had. If you've already been there congratulations and if you haven't then why wait?

Here are some images for you to indulge yourself in. Sit down, relax and let yourself be seduced by the CH lifestyle. 

With CH you can't just have one!!!

CH with you on a Sunday morning at the park reading your favorite newspaper and enjoying the scenery of people passing by. 

CH with you on a Friday night at the theater.

CH with you on a night in the town.

CH with you every day!!!

The CH store at Fontabella. Wonderful isn't it?

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