Monday, December 19, 2011


Your best friend is getting married in a week. Both of you have been going crazy for months trying to organize this much awaited event. Everything seems to be in order, cake, venue, flowers, invitations, music, food, party favors, video dude, groom... Of course you're the MAID OF HONOR and for such an important task your friend being the darling she always is, chose a beautiful lime green dress that makes you look like a parrot in full spring. Since you're such an unconditional friend you can't say no and agree to wear it with a big smile on your face. With all this fuss going on and about, you completely forgot you need a pair of lime green shoes that match perfectly with your wonderful dress. You panic and throw a tantrum because it's obvious there's no way you'll be wearing a pair of shoes that do not match perfectly with your dress. You're friend as always comes to the rescue and saves the day. To everyones luck VICTORIA & LOLITA just opened it's doors in Guatemala. Now you can choose the style of shoe you like the most and have it tinted in any color you desire!!! But wait that's not all... you can also accessorize your shoes with different kinds of brooches. How wonderful is that!!! You don't need to buy yourself another pair of shoes, just change the brooches et VOILÁ!!! It's like magic. Plus, it's the cutest little place, definitely worth a visit.

You can find Vitoria & Lolita at:

Esquina 5ta. avenida y 2da. calle zona 14, interior Salón Estilos.
Teléfono: 2366-1811

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