Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I admit it!!! I'm a J. Crew fan!!! Who would've thought!!! And so of course this morning I received a newsletter from J.Crew with the infamous Jenna's Picks. You remember yesterday's post was about Miss Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's President and Creative Director's unique style personality. When I saw Jenna's Picks I instantly decided to share them with you. Believe me, you want to know what this woman thinks is going to be cool this spring-summer. Personally I think she has impeccable taste. So here they are...today's Jenna's Picks!!! But not only that, after taking a look at her selection, I decide to do one of my own (some things I'm considering ordering ASAP).

So here you have it Jenna's and Maria's Picks!!!

If you want to learn more about Jenna's Pick I encourage you to visit J.Crew's website:

My picks!!! There where a couple of things more that I wanted to include but I found myself in need to edit.

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