Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Lately I've noticed that metallic flats are quite the novelty right now. Iv'e seen them everywhere, J.Crew has them, Repetto has them, Lanvin has them... and the other day I went to Massimo Dutti and I saw a pair of oxfords there that I thought where amazing but unfortunately they didn't have my size. I can never find shoes here in Guatemala, I'm a size 10 (11 European) and apparently here that means giant size shoe, so no shoes for me. 

Anyhow... Yesterday I was inspired and came up with three creative and unexpected ways to wear your metallic ballet flats. Before I get any mean messages from people telling me they can't afford a pair of Repetto's or whatever that's in my outfit ideas, I'm suuuure Zara will have some sort of cheaper imitation any time soon, so relax. 

This year I'm trying to make my own rules when it comes to outfit making so this are most definitely not for the conservative type of girl. 


Mix a monochromatic printed pair of skinny pants with a colorful cashmere sweater and a statement necklace. Try to color coordinate al least 2 of your accessories to create some harmony.


Why wear the same pair of indigo skinny jeans? This spring-summer try a pair of colorful ones. Add to it a classic stripped shirt, a statement necklace and a eye catching handbag and you'll be the talk of the town (good or bad hahaha).


Ok, for those of you on the more classic romantic side, try a soft and flowy midi skirt with a much needed chambray shirt and a bold bracelet and your set to go.

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