Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since I'm not an American I had never before in my life heard the term "The Cat's Meow" until one day my dear friend Gaby who's amazing and had the most gorgeous wedding in California told me: Maria, everyone at the wedding thought you where the cat's meow!!! Hahaha that's the coolest thing anyone has ever said to me!!! Truth be told, I asked her if I had done any embarrassing things on her wedding because of course I got a little bit too excited about those fabulous cocktails with liquid nitrogen in them and well had a bit too many for my own good. That night I ended up performing salsa with her Mexican gay wedding decorator and then the bus boy who was Russian proposed to me.  He got all excited when I told him I was from Guatemala. He told me he was looking for a pure breed Latina girl not a born in the U.S.A one. What was I thinking!!! I've should've said yes!!! Lol!!! I missed my one opportunity to fulfill my American dream!!! Oh wait... he was Russian, I would've probably ended up being deported to some ass cold place in Russia drinking vodka all day to forget my own life's miseries. 

Anyhow, why did I even start to tell you this story? It's probably all the drugs I'm having for this horrible flu I ahve, I mean have. Oh yes, I remember now!!! The other day I saw this fantastic image in some really cool facebook page called Street Styles and got so inspired that I decided to make a post about how to wear leopard print shorts. Now this shorts really are the cat's meow!!!

You must be thinking: María Cristina adds a chambray shirt to everything, and that would be correct. You are 100% right, I  do!!! I'm serious, a chambray shirt is the one thing everyone both men and women should have in their closets, it goes with absolutely everything and it always saves the day. Add little bits of color to your outfit with beautiful accessories like this Etro bracelet and Marni ring or you could just add a shit load of friendship bracelets (wait...did I just say shit loads? I'm sorry, it must be the drugs, by now I'm already hallucinating, bare with me, I'm sick!!!). 

Well guys, I would love to show you more options but I feel like fainting right now so I'm just gonna go lay down.

Until next!!! Toodles!!!

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