Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Admit it (specially if you where born in the late 70's), when you where a little girl you dreamed about a royal-esque wedding with like 1,000 guests, a puffy dress that resembles the one that Lady Diana wore on her wedding day, and of course prince charming. Now that you have grown and matured a little bit more and you have found your own prince charming, you've started to doubt your childhood dreams (perhaps those puffy sleeves where not a good idea in the first place) and realized that the only thing you want is to be surrounded by the people you love the most (and of course a Rosa Clará dress for you and your bridesmaids). You've decided that you want to have an intimate afternoon wedding with a vintage eclectic vibe, look absolutely stunning in your Rosa Clará dress, dance non stop to a jazz band with your now hubbie, and treat your 150 guests to the best there is. what more could a girl want?

Here are some details of your now dream wedding...


Can you believe this place? It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the eclectic vibe but what I love the most is that it looks absolutely beautiful and it doesn't have any flowers whatsoever.


Part of setting yourself aside from the crowd is treating your guests to the most exquisite one bite wonders. No piggies in a blanket at your wedding!!!


You're not the type of girl who wants to get her picture taken cutting the cake, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it it's just not your style. Instead you decided to go for a pistachio cake, lemon, and milk crumb truffles croquembouche. Delicious!!! The best part is that anybody who wants one can just grab it. 


You'd rather be struck twice by lightning before dancing the Macarena at our wedding. Instead of hiring your regular band you decided to go for a vintage jazz band that will transport your guests back in time with it's hot jazz, early blues, bebop and bossa nova tunes. 


Now don't be mean. Why make your best friends look awful in some hideous lime green bridesmaid dress with a huge bow on the front when they can all look wonderful in an elegant and sophisticated Rosa Clará dress? 


The previous applies to your mother as well. She has been dieting for a whole year and finally she was able to loose 5 pounds. All those efforts are only worthy of Rosa Clará. It's your wedding day everybody deserves to look their best (even your mother in law).

Last but not least...


No more puffy sleeves for you, thank God your style personality has evolved thru the years. Your choice of dress? Something simple but at the same time exquisite and elegant. The answer to what you're looking for is obviously the Amaya dress by Rosa Clará 2012 collection. 

with Rosa Clará your guaranteed to have a day to remember!!! Let me know what your dream wedding is all about.


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