Sunday, March 18, 2012


Good morning world or good afternoon or good evening, whatever!!! This morning I was reading a message a friend of mine left me on Facebook. She's studying abroad and now she's coming back to Guatemala. She told me that on her way back she's doing an important pit stop in L.A. to do some shopping and needed some fashion savvy advice on what to buy. I instantly thought COLOR JEANS!!! NEON CARDIGANS!!! PASTELS!!! NUDE HEELS!!! And then I thought... why not make a list of things every girl should have in her closet this summer and post it on Style by Red. So I did and here it is. I don't believe in those 10 thing lists it's pure BS I always end up with a list of minimum 15 pieces and I could keep on going. This time for example I left out the following: romper, flat sandals, nude high heels, signature jewelry, sunglasses, kaftan...etc, etc, etc... But you know, I think that with this 15 pieces you'll be good.  If you don't have any of this summer essentials you need to go and get them, of course you can't live without them!!!

Things I still need to get for myself:

1. Color shorts
2. Panama fedora
3. Raffia bag
4. Light denim jacket
5. Printed pants

5 out of 15 is good right? Which ones do you have and which ones do you still need to get? Let me know, I'm interested.

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